Tree creature


‘m doing some testing of the upcoming REALTIME Eevee viewport for Blender 2.8, which is currently in development.

I’ve been waiting for the blender developers to finish up the job with porting the modifiers to Blender 2.8 so that I could test an animated scene. The sequence was rendered in Blender 2.8’s new realtime viewport EEVEE. Comp was done in Blender 2.79

The creature was sculpted in Zbrush and the textures were done in Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

The voice actor in the video is my oldest daughter 🙂

Zbrush 2018 beta testing – MECH

Earlier this year I was beta testing Zbrush 2018 for Pixologic. These are some screen captures that I did during the process of concepting/modeling a mech. You can see me use the new feature “project primitive” for instance. Thanks a bunch to Pixologic for including me in the beta testing and giving us all these new features!

All renders were done in the realtime viewport “Eevee” in Blender 2.8, which is under development.


blender 2.8 eevee viewport – sci fi corridor demo

I’m doing some testing on the upcoming Eevee viewport for Blender 2.8. This is a fast modeled sci-fi corridor inspired by Alien. Features seen in the video is screen space refraction (glass), procedural water puddles, modeling with tri planar shader (no uv) and animated lights based on world position. All shaders are pretty much 1-2 tiled textures and procedural shading.

Hero for Biomutant cinematic trailer

Last year at Goodbye Kansas Studios, we created the cinematic trailer for the game Biomutant. The game is currently in development by our talented friends at Experiment 101.

I got to design and create the hero of the cinematic from scratch. The character was later used as the start look of the main character in the game. During the process I got some great input from Stefan Ljungqvist who is the head of studio over at Experiment 101. I’m really happy to have worked on the project and to populate the vibrant world that Experiment 101 has created! Thanks to Henrik Eklundh who helped me with the yeti fur setup.

Goodbye Kansas Studio – Biomutant trailer full credit

Biomutant game homepage

Experiment 101 – game developers


Zbrush biomutant hero
Zbrush screenshort of Biomutant hero of the cinematic trailer
Concept of biomutant
Zbrush biomutant hero pointing gun
Biomutant hero

Zbrush biomutant hero at pool

Painted Goblin

Going back to some more organic stuff after doing hard surface. Just having fun and grading like a maniac :-). Sculpted in Zbrush, textured in Substance painter and rendering done in blender, cycles as usual.

goblin_1goblin_2goblin_3goblin_4painted goblin blender eevee realtime viewportpainted goblin substance painterpainted goblin zbrush


Sci-fi rifle

Having some fun with designing a sci-fi rifle in blender with addons hard ops and box cutter. Texture in awesome substance painter and rendered in blender/cycles

sci-fi rifle 001sci-fi rifle 002sci-fi rifle 003sci-fi rifle 004

Alien bust

Time to get back in the comfort zone with another alien bust. Sculpted in zbrush. Render and comp in blender. First time using the filmic LUT from the nightly build of blender.


alien bust 1alien bust 2alien bust 2 clayalien bust zbrush