Cute and furry creature

I wanted to get more in depth with ZBrushs new fiber mesh feature so I thought I’d try to make some kind of a cute, furry creature. A lot of people think I do too dark stuff, so I hope they are happy now. After a while the scene just got bigger and bigger, since I wanted to add more stuff all the time. It was rendered in ZBrush and then composited in photoshop.

cute and furry creature really closeupcute and furry creature wide anglecute and furry creature closeup


2 thoughts on “Cute and furry creature

  1. Daniel,

    You succeeded so much that this furry little creature is my 3-year old son’s favourite. He loves it so much that he has chewed up the 3D World issue it was published in (quite literally).

    We decided to have it printed over a T-shirt as one of his Christmas presents.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Krisz,

      I’ m glad to hear that you and your son likes the image. Maybe you should make him an entire costume instead of just a t-shirt :-). Thanks for the support!

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