Hero for Biomutant cinematic trailer

Last year at Goodbye Kansas Studios, we created the cinematic trailer for the game Biomutant. The game is currently in development by our talented friends at Experiment 101.

I got to design and create the hero of the cinematic from scratch. The character was later used as the start look of the main character in the game. During the process I got some great input from Stefan Ljungqvist who is the head of studio over at Experiment 101. I’m really happy to have worked on the project and to populate the vibrant world that Experiment 101 has created! Thanks to Henrik Eklundh who helped me with the yeti fur setup.

Goodbye Kansas Studio – Biomutant trailer full credit

Biomutant game homepage

Experiment 101 – game developers


Zbrush biomutant hero
Zbrush screenshort of Biomutant hero of the cinematic trailer
Concept of biomutant
Zbrush biomutant hero pointing gun
Biomutant hero

Zbrush biomutant hero at pool


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